c-sushi: AU where Suga is an apprentice wizard and Daichi works in the local herb shop with his dad~ =v= 

viria: quick pale palette Oikawa because I wanted to draw him in the school uniform:*)

whethervane: gargrunk: mikeinelart: What if “Gravity Falls” is an anime Based and audio taken from the show “Gravity Falls” by Disney.(Episode: Golf War) This is a really nice fan animation, holy dang! THIS IS REALLY CUTE……. (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

mariedisgrace: I’ve lost, I’ve lost my innocenceI’ve found my self-beliefAnd in a cup of lonelinessI’ve found instant relief [full view for high res]

preoprix: Giftart for my favorite webcomic and artist, Gigidigi, and her super insanely adorable and addictive Cucumber Quest!I’m in love with the colors, every single page is eye candy! *U*;; <3 Plus I’ve always wanted to draw fanart of these guys!@U@ <33333

celestethebest: thisiswealthyprivilege: awesomefuckyeahmotherfucker: allisonrae: majd3st1ny: Could you live on $8 or $9 dollars an hour? A computer game made by the Urban Ministries of Durham in North Carolina and an advertising firm called McKinney lets you play out life with a low-wage job as a single mom. The objective is to make it a month, ...

Gender-Neutral Restrooms Become the Law

Gender-Neutral Restrooms Become the Law maybenotboring: Philadelphia passes sweeping LGBT-friendly legislation that includes gender-neutral toilets. !!!!

nicelymorbid: hey look i drew a bunch of berties