muchinery: precious 

Signs as Nintendo Series

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tumblr_nl4fawrJMN1r18zxi aquato: the sequence where garnet sings in jailbreak ! i just love it so much i had to make an audio of it

aidosaur: some kinda nozaki fancomic. photoshop. Ha ha ha oh no whoops more gsnk fanart appeared!  While trying to ease back into work while dealing with continued pain issues, I’ve been slowly picking away at this for a week or two. I, uh, love Kashima and Hori, guys.

castielangelofthetrenchcoats: catingaytor: they gay LOOK. ACCURATELY PORTRAYED KATNISS WOMAN OF COLOR. LOOK. LOOK AT THIS.

stkidd: I SAW THIS CUTE POST that had a cuuutecute bert grabbing starbucks for his friends and was yelling about shingeki kids drink head canons on twitter today and was so excited that i drew it  cause idk drawing this shit is fun  mikasa doesnt really drink coffee/specialty drinks or anything but if she has ...

oncelerite: aahaha

asktwoheadedonce-ler: glofii: Wowo perfect ask blog (( OH MY GOD! this is actually just so beautiful i wish i had a style like yours uuugh it’s too perfect thank you so much!))

tumblr_mauaf1j7Vz1qbnpls askgentlemanonceler: vanillr: I’ve been meaning to sing Gent another song for a long time now. I hope it’s not too horrible. Guitar and vocals by me. ———————————— I feel, like nothing was real, until I met you. I feel like we connect, and I really get you. If I said, “Stay Beautiful Baby”, would ...