atomicpowered: Over the garden wall premieres tomorrow and I couldn’t wait to post this until then.  As a general endorsement, OtGW is something that took my breath away and I really want everyone to watch this thing unfold in full. It’s atmosphere is something that really hasn’t been done before on CN.

Art Movement Pencils

spookyprincessss: adventurespooky: tpdats: Guess what just released on iTunes? STEVEN UNIVERSE LEAK *reblogs before even watching* (Source:

dinkas: *draws fems until i am granted the ability to draw males from beyond the cosmos* i made roxys outfit the fuck up goodbye planet eart h uhhhh the blogs are swag one sober electra and rocky

debasing: all those times you thought that you were wrong you   were   right  

wansura: ask-swag-onceler submitted: Morning ♫ WHAT THE HELL GET OUT OF MY ROOM

ghirahim: starxapple: wansura: fisk, skully and i are swonter irl we rp hot swonter smut every night my three favorite nerds omg i ship it strokes the geck

zombieskully: wansura submitted:  NERDS EXplODESN-NOOooooooooooooAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA skSRESSESEGKSDlfG

zombieskully: can they be pals yet?i say as i sigh and stare wistfully at the screen