Space Email Returns

space-email-news: Hello everyone. This is Shelby Smith. I created Space Email, and then shut it down. I’m here to tell you that it is coming back shortly. I have been working hard over the past month to optimize it and create a better, more engaging service. This tumblr is a log of development and a ...

the-world-of-steven-universe: Steven Universe – “Intro in different languages” (#1) Here’s the intro in 5 different languages: English Latin American Spanish Portuguese French Chinese More languages coming soon! (Source:

smalllindsay: It is with great pleasure and palpable nerves that we announce our kickstarter to fund the final five episodes of Baman Piderman! Thank you, as always, for all the incredible support. We’re humbled and forever giddy with just how many people like our cartoon. Lot’s of love, Lindsay and Alex