miss-azura: “Who doesn’t love a brat with dirty hair?” Aha… my hand got itchy to draw your older version of Vanellope, Uppers! XD Just lookatther. 

chiouart: reckless driving!!

louvski: I’m planning to do little doodles of all the characters as I wait for my camera to charge so I can do homework ‘3’

z-raid: I’m not a thief! by *bleedman

bom313: Vanellope von Schweetz!

moonmolt: tough cookie

owl-ler: head-of-candle: Ask box open immediately follows

lopuff: doodling i dunno I just wanted to draw the… dres.. ss… EDIT: changed it so it shows more of the dress blurbp 

applebeary: i love vanellope so much naksjdhfk original size

glofii: gulp