cutie-kingdom: relax after getting your work done

Day #1069

istheoncelerfandomstillalive: The Once-ler fandom is still alive.

dajo42: alternatives to “it was all just a dream” it was all just a story the narrator heard somebody else tell on the bus it was all just somebody rambling after getting their wisdom teeth out it was all just a feature length puppet show it was all just a set of cave paintings it ...

noibatitty: freeiwatobiswimm: Rin speaking English!!! Haruka trying to understand! Omg XD now we all knows someday, Rin can speak to us! O//.///o THIS IS SO FUCKINGG SURREAL LISTENING TO AUSTRALIAN ACCENTS IN ANIME WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT IM HAVIG AN OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE HERE THIS TOOK ME SO OFF GUARD. I DIDNT ...


usatoday: This 17-year-old violinist and aspiring physician was accepted to all eight Ivy League universities. Meet Kwasi Enin.  (Photo via William Floyd School District)

meatballofevilandvengeance: boundandgaggedmen: So I went back to the abandoned duck warehouse today wtf

archiemcphee: The first picture of our Horse Squirrel Feeder in action! Taken by the talented Jim Zielinski. Get your own Horse Head Squirrel Feeder here!  [via zcreative]