dogpu: too much determination

lambylin: i take back everything i said about hating the “tweek works in a coffee shop” chiche, i want to see them miserable and in khakis forever

goliosi: femtweeks for Natalia

royallie: Your paranoia failed you the cereal milk was expired afterall your stomach takes 90 points in damage It always happens I sSSWEar them honey bunches of oats still tasted delicious though mgawddfffmf

oh my god

hfwt: no sympathy for the beaten and the damned

suujino2: Tweek Tweek

lambylin: kick his ass!

asce: okay so Clyde was trying to make Tweek look “g” but it totally backfired and his friends decided it was the cutest thing ever and spent the rest of the day taking pictures and feeding him cookies or something IDK BUT TWEEK WOULD LOOK ADORBS LIKE THAT (actually I was just playing on Blingee ...

preoprix: Commission for obanesharvest!~