cief: cief: stares at post description box for lengthy timeMiru: “Audrey finally got to see the truffula forest”cief: N O A massively belated birthday gift for Miru! It’s her Audtree, in trufflu AU.

mackllewhore: they fucking did the thing from the lorax. like you say trickrtreat into the whispa-ma-phone and they put candy In a bucket and send it down w/ the pulley. fucking .

coolstuffimake: I was bored while waiting for paint to dry in a few other projects so I made my very own baby truffula tree:)

rise-of-icarus: somebody take photoshop away from me

nogoodficklefan: well HOT DOG!

once-lier: OH MY GOD YOU GUYS have I got a treat for you all. After doing a little digging around and emailing one of the color artists from the Lorax, Mr. Carlos Felipe Leon Ortiz was kind enough to share some of his work from the movie! The facebook page where I found these is ...

kudalyn: pyreo: iamarobotassassin: skeleking: honestly i came out of this more confused than before Wooooooow If this is at all accurate, it’s nothing like the book, but I’ve already heard that from people, so this probably is. Also, I’m digging the Robespierre-meets-Tim Burton coat they gave the Onceler, ahaha “if this is at all accurate” ...

starxapple: 1971 – The Lorax – Dr. Seuss Biggering.