pixartheincredibles2: The Incredibles 2 teaser poster revealed at the 2015 D23 Expo!

bread-making-vikings: #is it me or is this one of the most relateable animated movies ever

lustyscripps: ruinedchildhood: too-gay-for-this: He has Monsters inc. on his shirt. She has Nemo on her dress. Violet has murder in her eyes. 

maidmarians: The Incredibles (2004) Rest In Peace Elizabeth Peña

finnthehumanbi: Maybe Pixar refuses to make a sequel because they know they’ll ever top this

ktshy: typette: wannabeanimator: The Cinematography of The Incredibles Part 1 & Part 2 Shot Analysis I READ THIS THE OTHER DAY this is required reading for every layout artist/storyboarder seriously Really great notes and analysis in Floobynooby’s post. Still working my way through it all but I highly recommend giving it a read.

sammyholdsacandle: Most impressive lines from my fave animation movie.

therothwoman: Pixar can never top this.