truffulajam: There’s a strange exhilaration in such total detestation…

ask-swag-oneler: Alright, ease up on the incredibly clever puns over there. But, I will admit, I am easy on the eyes.

ask-swag-oneler: adachimerica: i taste your bittersweet diseasei’d kiss the floor if you’d revealhow you will appease  swoneler because ahhhhhhh hhhhhhhhh chinhands into infinity so it turns out drawing hands is really tough if you cant see your own to reference, or see in general Ah! What a dapper fellow I am.

ask-swag-oneler: spookyghostlobster: rlly bad swoneler i drew for a warm up   All art of me is good art of me.

danadelions: ssshhhhgghhbrhrbbgl

catnippackets: I hope I’m not too late

swoneler is fun to draw okay

random little story time! sorry if his personality is a bit off, I don’t actually know what swonelers personality would be like…