adachimerica: truffulajam: the queen’s wardrobe idk why i just wanted to draw him with no expression really thisi s one of my fave pics of swone esp that middle one hes just so unamused

ask-swag-oneler: Low-Qual’s (LQ’s?) fridge has…let’s see…what looks like a year-old cabbage…a can of.. peaches? Some containers of medicine, and, my personal favorite, a football. Also, a picture of someone…it looks like…what was his name…? Ink? Ink onceler? Inkblood! Yes, him. Charming. He doesn’t really cook much, does he? I’ll even bet— OW—!!

ask-swag-oneler: Well, I might as well do the usual and answer some asks while I’m setting up to begin cooking here at LowQual’s house. He seemed a bit shaken up, didn’t he? I’m sure he’s fine. I’ve sent him into the other room to write some…um…some letters. It might be a little out of the ...

adachimerica: truffulajam: wow so you know how audrey II has three stages pretty much well I thought oh man what if the last stage for plant!swone was like he was sitting on a leafy throne and giving commands and he is the MEAN QUEEN MOTHER FROM OUTER SPACE I’M SORRY I’M REALLY SORRY OH GOD IT ...

truffulajam: no i don’t think you understand when I say ‘little shop of swonag’ I mean ‘i’m going to draw swone as a bloodthirsty singing alien plant’ it’s just gonna happen it’s a necessity shh just let me have this bonus look he begins tiny:

ask-one-swagler: ask-swag-oneler: OF COURSE I AM. What the hell are you wearing

ask-swag-oneler: Y- You br—you brought me a hot dog? Y-you didn’t have t—but— That’s—I…That’s so nice—wha—I… Wow…Th-thank you! I…oh..geez…I’m a stammering idiot—Thanks, thank you! No, I just said thank you, I… You know what? I’m just gonna…eat this now.