glofii: girlfrans

tumblr_mbbsfgUyCX1rrubjr thecamler: Am I kicked out of the fandom yet

glofii: Teens on swings

vikingler: wait i wasn’t supposed to do sad stuff what happened

oncelerite: where is my mind

wansura: drawing hands makes mine cry why did i think this was a good idea this isNT EVEN GLOVECEST IM SO SORRY

bounce-ler: plot twist: they’re actually shopping for bitter B) during my hiatus I had time to calmly draw for myself a little and started experimenting with brushes a bit uvu

sillysymphonic: vikingler: blushing boys are also fun awww

starxapple: orangeslide: it started with a whisperrrr o MG

glofii: Cuddle weather more like stay inside and play borderlands weather