literally two years later

starxapple: everyone kind of headcanoned hs swag as this rich teenager but i really see him as like coming from a redneck family where his estranged dad gives him a lot of money but tells him not to tell his mom so he throws it around on stupid shit and acts rich and wears the ...

miru667: “I can bench like, two Pepsi at once!” —Swag

glofii: swegs

zzazu: oops i swagged

oncestisbest: pinkcakes-blackcoffee: truffulajam: uugh i’m having the worst drawing day ever I tried to do more 80s highschool askblog stuff but I kept changing ideas and feeling dumb plus I was drawing these at work it was kind of hilarious anyway the results of the day: Swag started out as Ferris Bueller but inevitably became ...

pinkcakes-blackcoffee: rolaltheatre: im hungry but instead of eating i drew swag in a sweater i want that sweater so badly it’s past all rationality. also i love your drawings. LOVE. 

glofii: girlfrans

zndriazombie: winter swag with special guest star one the grumpy snowman