riibrego: we fight together!!!

queenoftheantz: I could make a post for each of them but… I like them together, that’s how I thought of them! I have been wanting to draw this for MONTHS I even made a playlist specifically for the oikawa one! I might make that one a print too….. (it’s my personal favorite!) (and if you ...

afternwn: A Free! vespa ride!! Happy Valentine’s Day

Me: looks great all the time, literal flawless goddess You: Also looks great all the time, literal flawless goddess

ist-femin: sorry mom we can’t beat the neighbors holiday laser display

homuras: you meme so much to me

thesadghostclub: The Sad Ghost Club’s guide to not being sad, COMING SOON. In the meantime there’s still 30% off all sgc products on the shop, with the code MATHEMATICAL, until the 1st August.

Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly, and then send it to ten of your favorite followers. ♥

akjsdlfkljalf; I pick up concepts/how to do things pretty quickly I make okay art I guess In general I’m a pretty laid-back person I don’t mind sharing food I’m good at swimming

Sasha Braus