ineedathneed: Supah Spooky-Wooky


ponceprince: this is it I promise I’m so fuck these are transparent

nekroticpooparts: wow i forgot about thislineart 8) 

wansura: kirakurryart: I don’t even know what they’re doing.. they are obviously .l. m/ summoning the gods of rock n roll m/ .l.

lucid-fantasies: I really like drawing Spooktre and blood okay

lacycakes: wow perfect

creepykazzie: These two make me quite happy. u wu I know the mask thing’s been done but it just… came out like that k;

dipperhugs: zombieskully: wansura: roxy dont be such a diva jeSUSfucK asldfkj omfg

the–warden: the-greedler: I tried and failed. I think I insulted this artist and the character.Trademark expression and unoriginal pose on the right because I am not creative. BUT IT’S GOOD.

wansura: i dont have the energy to color this right now and i dont think itll be necessary tbh so ill just…post this…and go to sleep. gOODNIGHT.