rivaille-chan-san: if armin ever dies im ending the world

I recently redid a thing I made a looong time ago, based off this

cherry-bubblegum: ok so I found this on 4chan, so I don’t know how reliable it is, but apparently Isayama and Araki (the director of the anime) had a little interview. Someone posted a few translations but this one in particular piqued my interest; Q: Who is the shingeki who left a deep impression? Araki: Armin. ...

lettherebedoodles: nymre: yeha more atla/snk crossover!! screenshots from snk used as reference and copy pasta’d the bg’s cause im lazy. [x] [x] oh I didn’t think much about which atla character should play which snk character, just made it for funs 8) (( I…….. Am……….. SCREAMING…….. ))

efusi: I’ve made peace with it, mistakes and all.

surfacage: these are not walls but cages

Mikasa & Levi

Sasha Braus