lets-rot-n-roll: youngbeansprout: lets-rot-n-roll: It’s a really sad and heartbreaking story. But it’s aweosme. It all started a long ago… When I was a young boy my father took me into the city to see a marching band… Wait… What father?

wansura: inevitably

uselessdraws: You came to the wrong neighborhood, motherffucker. commission for hetastuck-wholock-ler m/

tantamoq: i was originally do my favourite cliche and just draw rocky as an angel in light of his recent demise, but let’s be honest here, we all know where that kid’s really headed…  rip rocky the rockstar u_u note: that top image is a gif but idk it’s being temperamental sometimes it’ll play for me sometimes ...

wansura: i seriously just made this to put it on my blog

miru667: Collab between me and Rika! I coloured her perfect lineart of truffula flu Rocky. u u

kurobi: Haah, and I managed to draw Rocky Hurray I have accomplished doodles today! o/


sweggscellent: wansura: rockies reblogging this because grumpy hoodie rocky is seriously the cutest thing that has happened to my life

dipperhugs: forgetfulthings: There he is. C,8 AHHH GOOD