clydesdonovan a réagi à votre billet :time for the yearly change of my icon I can’t picture you without your icon omg same though I’ve gotten so used to looking at the back of clydes head

evilplotting a dit : All very good goals! I’m even going to add the language and exercise one to my own. thank you! I’m glad, those are two very universal resolutions but I think they’re helpful c:

schmoopoo a réagi à votre photo : once for my sisters birthday we bought a lot of… wEEPS i love you bello family our family is… creative ahhh thank you ;;

ohceliaaa a réagi à votre diaporama : i don’t have a new enough apple laptop to watch a… omgosh this happens a lot to me too why are our laptops so old cries ahh we share the pain does flash not work for you on chrome too? sobs why are our laptops outdated already

filmoreanderson a réagi à votre billet : filmoreanderson a réagi à… i’m on season 6 right now ahh i just started watching red hot catholic love!! i’m trying to rewatch them all in order before season 17 comes out omg yeah akjdsfal good luck! thats a lot of episodes but it seems like you’re watching them at a pretty good ...

filmoreanderson a réagi à votre billet:filmoreanderson a dit : iS THIS FROM CRIPPLE… okAY I THOUGHT SO bc i was watching that like two days ago and yeah omg i feel u man i feel u omg what episode are you at now?

filmoreanderson a dit : iS THIS FROM CRIPPLE FIGHT yEAH!!

clydeswagovan a dit : i like how they’re 5 and 4% though omg same! kyleswaglovski a dit : will u look at that. but omg th ank you!! ahh no problem!! its true though~

rainbowllamahappyfrands a dit : SOBS WILDLY sobs back at you

coffeeandsundays replied to your post: wait does missing e work for anyone else it works for me, what part isnt working for you? oh b/c for everyone i’ve heard so far, missing e doesn’t work for them…