rwcsecretsanta: denpasei submitted: happy holidays cuopere!! Sorry the picture is bad, but it’ll look better in person! OMG?!?! this is amazing I’m so happy thank you so much! I love the colors and the sparkles and apollos face and everything about it ahhhhhhhhhhhh

apollos face makes me happy

rwcsecretsanta: Hello rwc fans! Welcome to the 2014 Radiowave Communication secret santa! What is the secret santa for?Through this blog you can sign up to give and get a gift to and from other members of the rwc fandom! We’ll use the info you give us to match you up with two other applicants – ...

denpasei: Pre-orders are open for the first volume of my webcomic!! I didn’t have time for a kickstarter before AWA but I’m offering various package deals. Thank you everyone for your support thus far!! ;O; Any help to spread the word is also appreciated.