tree-girl: hey what’s up its everybody’s favorite nonbinary lesbian: me

spookybanana: why does my confidence rely so much on whether other people think I’m cute. I need to start learning to love myself regardless of anybody else.

spookybanana: eyeliner on point

nowsashayaway: so-treu: 997: im still thinking abt this pic “traditional” and “contemporary” are not mutually exclusive I have so many feels about this! Especially as an anthro major, I hate it when ppl think that indigenous folks can’t use tech because it doesn’t make them genuine. Like fuck that noise! Also this photo is precious.

koreanmodel: Kang Soyoung by Maeng Minhwa for Elle Korea May 2014

coltre: I don’t remember much of that day but the sky was amazing and my friend victoria took this picture of me with my old camera

ha-roro: flatmate

marketwarriors: “we’re five year-olds. we eat nerds all day long. and cap’n crunch and cinnamon toast crunch and cocoa puffs.” — aubrey plaza, bon appetit magazine