boxingsocks: parapines requested by the lovely doggables ! uvu

thorin-odinson: ParaNorman (2012) | (3/7)

explosivess: This is my fav movie cause: -ghosts -zombies -witches -replacement animation -20,000 screaming soccer moms as real gays are mentioned on screen

cyberstrawberry: thatwasadubstep: ALSO WHY DOES NOBODY TALK ABOUT EARLY CONCEPT NORMAN what the fuck is shinji fucking ikari doing in paranorman get outta there kid

firehouselight: harpeaux: thankyoucorndog: leauxwren: the-fury-of-a-time-lord: MY ANIMATION BONER COULD NOT BE BIGGER HOLY SHIT HOW COULD YOU PEOPLE NEGLECT THIS MOVIE SHAME ON YOU ALL  Spoilers for ParaNorman, but this is how they animated the most sick-awesome-amazing scene of the film take the notes are you freaking kidding me this is the coolest thing i ...

I can’t believe I made this I’m like a year late to the party

speakfriendandenter: In which every gesture Norman makes is so adorable I want to die.

awastrelmescalined: to envy the dead

lopuff: got paranorman on DVD!   got to watch it in all it’s hd blu-ray glory  (I watched it with my parents hA)