snucas: maskedmemer

mega-madridista-4-life: Steven Universe – Keeping It Together (full episode) Here’s the full episode in 720p! Download link’s in the video’s description. I post full episodes every week. Enjoy! (Source:

k009: ( ・ิC・ิ)

tallminicactus: wirt just……hanging out

whippit-princess: lasso: Guys seriously would you LOOK at mini Adam Scott from Boy Meets World circa 1994 was this when he was mayor

valleyfair: now there’s actual solid evidence that dicovery’s shark week is as garbage as I always thought it was (Source:

hotelmario: little-yogi: It’s a cute little thing though. what a fucked up cat

nerd: u speak another lenguage??? me: yeah nerd: SPEAK IT me: No te enamores de gente como yo. Te llevaré a museos, y parques, y monumentos, y besarte en todo hermoso lugar, para que nunca puedas volver a esos lugares sin sentirme como sangre en tu boca. Te destruiré en la mas hermosa forma posible. ...

basedpidgeot: lydiapocalypse: maxofs2d: i’m pretty sure nobody will ever be able to top this please call the police

ca-tsuka: 1st teaser of Peanuts CG animated feature film by Blue Sky Studio (Ice Age). (Source: