johncest: ha ha get it because its a burnt elsen  ha sorry

zodiacally: melvismd: My Zacharie cosplay from Mortis Ghost’s Off. I drew a gruesome cat mask a while ago here and decided to try to make it. Overall, I’m really happy with how the whole costume came together. Credit for the photos goes to bumrushblitz. OOOOOOH

actual cannibal the masked merchant

draw-off-game: Take a tour down the scenic meat rivers in a harmless friendly Pedalo!Please keep your arms and legs inside the pedalo at all times during your voyage. ~Mac

xaienarts: apocolypse zacharie based off this and this cool drawing! i wanted to draw this half for zacharie and half for the silly judge graffiti

aparcelmistress: prepare to be puri- is that a whale

darkskittypower: Here’s a nice doodle I did when I wasn’t sad and stressed I hope you like it

longbluetongue: OH MY GODSSSHWBAXRGDBADDGSBSBD ITS FUCKING DEDAN ITS FUCKING DEDAN IT’S FUCKING DEDAN I’ve seen all I’ve needed to see at this con can I go home now

ihascookies: no i haven’t got to that part yet but i needed a winged zacharie so i???

playbunny: a doodle i had in my files uvui made bad batter like a little raptor pfff