royallie: A colored kyle from a failed animation I did

huliia: I found two tiny Kyles hiding out in my bio syllabus today. So like I said, any discovered drawings are going up here. And I reached 300 follows today!!! Aaaaahh you are all lovely people *A*

fuckthisimaunicorn: finally get some real free time and this is all i can do

kennymccormick: kylebroflovski—whatismyreality: source

t-block: Pchat Human Kite for Mela~

runmonsterun: humblefolks: I was playing around with textures and i was like Okay what is the most touching and heartwrenching thing Kyle has ever said. I think I made the right decision. Everyone go check Out our SP Sketch Blog! (Also I dickshit a lot when given the chance did I forget to mention this)

preoprix: THIS MADE ME LAUGH HORRIBLY LOUD. Also forks for soup.