ashiesassyarts: quick doodles befo re i sleep„, i actually kinda like these////

lost-time-loser: it’s a rather natural occurrence

royallie: Your’e as good as dead right now as your’e going to be tomorrow

preoprix: So I was cleaning out my notebooks lying around in my bookcase and I found a TON of doodles from around 2011. I’ve probably posted these sometime around the start of me using Tumblr, but I hardly remember. xD It’s like the same drawing over and over haha. So basically I destroyed my hand ...

runmonsterun: I can hoenstly say DamienxKenny is one of the top requested pairings I get LIKE, HONESTLY MAYBE EVEN NUMBER ONE I THINK ITS SO ODD.

lambylin: Thank you for noticing me!

suloperkele: Old stuff.

remonrime: kenny  he’s such a selfless little darling

royallie: Do it I wanted to get hit by lightning and waited by the window only to get rained on