All the AUs Art Challenge

kierlia: thisismouseface: draw your OTP but combine literally all of your favorite aus so it’s like an epic picture of your OTP in a coffee shop at a college that’s also a high school but they’re in elven fantasy armor with mermaid tails and they’re also princes and they have super powers and one of ...

nomtav: ヽ(;▽;)ノ

frankenschtein: selfie king guess someones a little nervous for date night and tried out too many outfits

dolphinonion: INTERVIEW WITH JEAN AND DEAD MARCO Translation: Whoever you are, our bond doesn’t change. Marco: You became more social Jean: R-really? I just wanted you to… ah well your honor student statements don’t change at all, huh (Interviewer): Reiner also said you (jean) changed quite a lot Jean: Well I experienced some terrifying moments. ...

orangewaterbottles: Good men were left for dead

jakkobu: i dont understand 

cockschtein: click thru 4 full size but yo seriously i just wanted to draw embarrassed lookin jeans

arlertopia: happy 355 followers to me wohooo omfg you guys where are you even coming from bless you all have a jeanmarco ;o; 


kirei-ikari: Artist