nubs-mgee: The giving tree isn’t so giving

yummytomatoes: my entire life in one comic

kawaiians: so u buy this t-shirt with a record on it and u get sucked into a game called sburb and for some reason this record symbol is fucking everywhere and its suddenly ur thing and its on all ur clothes and its a pivotal part of winning because theres a massive version of it ...

remember when I used to talk about homestuck a lot

nectarinecream: i’d like to thank not only god but jesus

otakuwithbrooklynrage: acornbunny: Sleepy Jade. zzzz Maybe one day I will actually complete this piece Holy shit I thought it was real

saffronscarf: some kids who had birthdays this week

charlesoberonn: This update Karkat is officially taken off the list, leaving Equius as the only troll who never tried to murder anyone.

davejade: insanekirby: Dave, I think you may have been wrong. IM CRYING FOR REAL