deermp3: “i dunno if its dumb luck or yin and yang or whatever, but when you two work together theres, like, nothing you two can’t accomplish”

glumboat: 104 days? more like 8 years of summer

chrossrank: What do you mean this isnt how it went (Source:

bim0ngsam0ng: bim0ngsam0ng: bapogichi said:have you ever thought about dipper and mabel as 악동뮤지션 :)) how great idea

sailorleo: drew this last week, forgot to post it

802pov: possessed twins!!’ (sorry for repost but I just really wanted to put them in one post :D)

charlattes: theyre gonna need a bigger table since they get along SO well :^) (related to this draw)

charlattes: GS: Alright who wants pancakes!! Dipper: Not today, Great Uncle Ford’s cooking something! Mabel: It’s ok, Grunkle Stan, I’ll eat them

fires-hideout: Look at the boats name. His brother didn’t join him on it and now the kids won’t.