ineedathneed: dipperhugs: before they got to this point, they sure did have a lot of power struggles didn’t they Ah~ Power struggle glovecest

ineedathneed: completelyungood: i think glovecest is such a good thing it’s basically seeing how sensual and intimate you can get with just hands it focuses on conveying emotions without relying on what we usually use (facial expressions and body language) while glovecest is a form of body language, it’s kind of different because interpreting body ...

zombieskully: still not done with this bandwagonsuck it nerds 

wansura: drawing hands makes mine cry why did i think this was a good idea this isNT EVEN GLOVECEST IM SO SORRY

zombieskully: ye

dipperhugs: zombieskully: ineedathneed: Seventyswag. I actually tried on this one….. fUc-cukING yesSYEEEESSSSS lgkADUGLKDFOGIEUOIGOJOHSJ  slk fw o w okay

wansura: “oh baby oh mm yeah oneler kiss me you dickquaffer!! since i cant have swag i want you!! fuck im so hard…and gay…i like corn…i want to kiss one…and this is not a typo” yeah thats right, kiss. kiss, you little baby fags. if you ever wondered what ever happened to the original swag, ...

zombieskully: not sorry 8)

ineedathneed: I lied.

ineedathneed: Look at your life. Look at your choices.