sun-moon-and-talia: sleepy-running: I came out to attack people and I’m honestly having such a good time right now

arendellekingdom: Storyboard to Final Version of the movie

arendelledrummajor: So this wonderful human being put the lyrics of Let it Go through a bunch of languages on Google Translate and eventually translated them back to English and then sang those lyrics and the result is WONDERFUL. (Source:

Sort of random, but Hans from Frozen reminded me of your art style. Like just the way his face is. So… Yeah. *scurries off *

johannathemad: you think so? well, to be honest, i reaaaaally like his design

tumblr_n08yl4OYiW1ro3ine samapitongzabala: There’s a lot of fanmade Tagalog translated Frozen songs and I wanna join the thing. So here’s my attempt on the pop version of Let It Go. I was inspired by aihara-tenshi’s rendition so I had a little fun with the translation. Lyrics, vocals and arrangement by me. Paki Niyo (So What?)Tagalog cover attempt of ...

miketooch: ultimalokilaufeyson: I’m mostly reblogging this because WOW I can’t believe someone just straight-up posted Frozen on YouTube like it ain’t no thing. Damn. (Source:

pk-buttcheeks: for the first time in forever im getting what im dreaming of

arendellekingdom: requested by: anonymous

tumblr_mxyx59YoP41ql439f Let It Go (Danish) | Frozen I thought some of you Disney enthusiasts may want to know how Elsa’s epic song sounds like in her true language. The voice of Elsa is Maria Lucia Heiberg Rosenberg. Fun Fact: Just like the original English voice actress Idina Menzel, Maria Lucia originated the role of Elphaba in her country.