27azi: some rins for anon that asked for this like 2 months ago 

tiny blonde anime highschool boys who have a sweet tooth and are associated with the color pink. (also are terrifying and could probably kill you) 2/19/15 – the day tumblr user star-grazer and I discovered my ‘type’.

afternwn: A Free! vespa ride!! Happy Valentine’s Day

noibatitty: freeiwatobiswimm: Rin speaking English!!! Haruka trying to understand! Omg XD now we all knows someday, Rin can speak to us! O//.///o THIS IS SO FUCKINGG SURREAL LISTENING TO AUSTRALIAN ACCENTS IN ANIME WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT IM HAVIG AN OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE HERE THIS TOOK ME SO OFF GUARD. I DIDNT ...

ruija: OKAY NOW IT’S IN VIMEO WITH AUDIO! (Source: https://player.vimeo.com/)

I love that ending mv though

petalpops: human basically can’t live without water too, nagisa…. (also a bonus)

t-block: forgot to post this… polished an older doodle for a print!

miraongchua: haru

melonami: au where they can actually use snapchat because they’re not a bunch of losers with flip phones