melonsodas: チーズケーキベリーパフェとティラミスパフェ

foodiebliss: 9 Killer Milkshakes To Rock Your SummerSource:  Delish Where food lovers unite.

breelandwalker: anarchofoxxy: spiritscraft: hersheywrites: 86champagnepuppies: hey if you’re in the U.S. and use food stamps or know somebody who does i found this online cookbook that has recipes for eating well on approximately $4/day :o)  I don’t have food stamps but I need to know how to eat well for $4/day. Thank you for this. ...

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vintae: Recette du Fraisier (by Hervé Cuisine)

hislolita: 第45話 よつばとパチシエ by gray.grub on Flickr.

jen-ami: couldn’t take how maddeningly cute these were i took a million photos