shittyreiko: So Bill is a masochist?

fuckthisimaunicorn: appearance headcanon kenny a lil ol’ gap in his teeth and an earring but there is actually a backstory to the earring STORY TIME: once upon a time in a land where kenny and cartman are the bestest bros 5ever and are about 13 y/o are dressing up as girls in cartman’s mom’s clothes ...

paramecie: Ever since I saw this, I NEEDED to do it. (the end is crappy but my hand started to feel really numb, poor hand.) (Tumblr please don’t be a bitch, let me post this.)

tumblino: greenie’s femtweek is fucking moe jfc real life rapunzel REAL LIFE RAPUNZEL i butchered her tho gomen :””’) but like wowoowwooWOWOWOW HAIR

bitterjuicce: I was about to do something with this blog but I got lazy and Bitter happened. Wow what a girl.

pinkcakes-blackcoffee: rolaltheatre: im hungry but instead of eating i drew swag in a sweater i want that sweater so badly it’s past all rationality. also i love your drawings. LOVE. 

tumblr_mec97pGJeP1rcgk2e scaredandconfusedler: Art by rollingorange.

insanemarshmallow: Poor Entre. QwQ

spooky-lesbian-lorax: everybodys changing their urls for halloween we’re all goin’ ghost