tumblr_lz5sckDITd1qzyo5v catalyss: Howl’s Moving Castle Main Theme (Piano) – Joe Hisaishi This is my absolute favorite thing in the world

tori-falls: beef

otherworldly-words: shiyoonkim: Hermione’s last minute study crunch before exams! okay I’m gonna reblog this again because last time I didn’t say what I thought about this picture I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. This makes the universe of Harry Potter so much more magical than I ever dreamed it to be. In the movies and books ...

torisprite: aand self indulgent halloween twinnies <3

distressedgravy: i dont even want to color them properly i just want to draw them holding hands all day

huffingtonpost: Unsung heroes like this makes us believe there’s good in the world. Watch the full touching Thai life insurance commercial here. 


hfwt: no sympathy for the beaten and the damned

lambylin: Thank you for noticing me!