i forgot to post this

nudityandnerdery: Too dark, gramma. Pull it back a little.

sketchshark: Bert Migration.

elliebeanz: my professor who’s approximately as intimidating as a muffin keeps saying stuff like this and its so silly 

rorosii: #artistsontumblr

annavonsyfert: hold on to your honkers

junkzone: its time to go in the hole

slimyhipster: so i’ve been working on starting up my webcomic, juratus, all quietly in the background and such. it’s a silly story about the supernatural shenanigans in the Coolest city around, Sunset Point!  >>read it here<<

alizabug: vacation comix in which my brother learns a lesson. i forgot to post this when I drew it

check out my ten page comic starring a furby read the whole thing here