literally two years later

bitterjuicce: I was about to do something with this blog but I got lazy and Bitter happened. Wow what a girl.

danadelions: and i wont stop until i start to stand out

catnippackets: actually I think Bitter and Street could actually be friends I mean Bitter chooses to not try to make friends at all and the few people that aren’t weirded out by Street he pushes away so I have no idea how they’d actually become friends but yeah

bittermas: i was not that anon.png i havent used my tablet in a week gomen hanna this is the cutest thing ever im crying

kirakurryart: Bitter and Dog!Cop

missharald: ah suddenly there was all these cuties in my ballpoint doodles too lazy to scan right now so phone photos u v u;

forgetfulthings: “Alright kid, tell us who stole Rory Banner?” I don’t ship hard, but I’m a sucker for fluffy hardcore family stuff

clearbay: 3 Bitters, normal, fem!, and Bitty just sketches to blow some steam

missharald: ah then this i had something to say on this but i forgot?