distressedgravy: i vaguely remember drawing this wth

luce-do-the-doodles: Different ways to shake your lil bro up. I’m definitely NOT gonna try the giant swing thing.

sirpangur: =^= I just love the main characters btw-some people keep tagging it as a “concept art” and “visual development”, well guys, it’s actually not XD This film was released in my country 25 october, it’s just fanart

moeskine: bh6_69min: NYA!don’t look at me i dont make the prompts 

karlcat: karlcat: karlcat: ways tadashi could have lived: hiro trips and tadashi is too busy being mamadashi to enter the building when tadashi goes to run into the building hiro dropkicks him and knocks him over nice, nice, keep it coming

kiu1023: hamada brothers

ask-tadashi-hamemeda: hey im tadashi and welcome to my blog rememeber to rate the blog, comment the blog, and subscribe if you want more blog like this also ask box is open

strawberro: [x] [x] The Hiro Hamada Hood-Pull