oliviawhen: I got a new gouache set for christmas! I have no idea what i’m doing, but i’m pretty excited anyway. Happy birthday Bertholdt!

memedestroyer: i feel it

misterfreckle: haha! maybe in another universe! I don’t think Bertholdt would appreciate being used as a stepladder.. (also thank you!!)

barleytea: but i love her anyway

nicelymorbid: hey look i drew a bunch of berties

imaginebertholdt: troubled—children: [ベルトルト] by @en_eeen

littlebertholdtthings: pottyprof: sometimes i sit down and think about bertl’s reaction to littlebertholdtthings lets hope he never finds this blog

moobiess: I like the sweaty ones

earthcookies: small letter, small voice, small baby bert.