c-sushi: Okay so this could just be me, or that the people I follow just happen to like other characters more, but I somehow feel that Daichi is a little underrated?? (゜-゜)I mean, I think he’s suuuper awesome~ (*´∀`*) (And quite handsome too~ (//∇//)) But then again this is the first time I actually drew him… so…I don’t know, ...

syrva: Have some otgw teens

fabulous-kun: fabulous-kun: I’m opening commissions forever now to force myself to draw everyday to save up for Christmas! Ah, yes. Nice one. No longer will you have to wait for another kickstarter or my sudden need to purchase supplies for my lame hobby that I’m still not good at. Prices range from 5$ to 20$ ...

fuwa-prince: quick costest of naruto from yesterday~

27azi: new tablet and firealpaca lets goooooOO

petitsirena: magpizza: Normally I gif my favorite scenes. But this would not be the same without the audio. The harmonizing! THIS WAS SUCH A PERFECT MOMENT (Source: http://petitsirena.tumblr.com/)

brosbedope: didn’t know what/who to draw from otgw tbh 

zombieskully: kirakurrykari: Fem!Rocky x Spooktre They’re just so adorable, I couldn’t resist drawing them like this….Please forgive me. *sob* ohno….help

sillysymphonic: memetutti: drawing from the livestream of yesterday I think I’m starting to like to draw sceneries /o/ I also uploaded a sped up version of the recording. wow gorgeous