emmyc: smalllindsay: Brand new Baman Piderman episode, “Paint Da House”! Thank you guys for waiting! As you know we got delayed two weeks on this one, as it was supposed to be posted at the end of May. Thank you guys so much for being patient, this one is one of the longest episodes we’ve ...

smalllindsay: The very first of Season 3 of Baman Piderman is live! This season opener, a musical episode with a fantastic song written and performed by Ben Kling, is actually not part of the 11 episode (7 regular episodes, and four specials) season. Alex and I decided the final season deserved a special kick off, ...

petakov-kirk: ive been watching baman piderman a lot again why did i ever stop it’s just so genuinely good and loving and just i get all these feelings inside you gotta take care of each other

deadpoolshipsdestiel: The cutest cartoon series I’ve ever watched

smalllindsay: It is with great pleasure and palpable nerves that we announce our kickstarter to fund the final five episodes of Baman Piderman! Thank you, as always, for all the incredible support. We’re humbled and forever giddy with just how many people like our cartoon. Lot’s of love, Lindsay and Alex

maidofspacey: todays pumkin’s feets day !! the show ended a while ago but it will always be in my heart ;;v;; 

smalllindsay: And in that moment I swear we were all Baman Piderman.