sillysymphonic: my hipster self insert audrey that im thinking about making a hs au blog for….. rolls over 

tumblr_mdo2cbPtRp1ruqecf miru667: Click the Read More below for the description and parody! Read More

miru667: Audrey exhaling into the cold winter zombie-infested air.

sillysymphonic: glofii: Today I sat down and I was determined to make an audrey ask bloge but I can’t take anything seriously so here oh my god lakflajflajfkajskfajfs THIS IS THE BEST THING IVE EVER SEEN shdfsjf 

sillysymphonic: oop i tried drawing something i dont even know what this is its not any particular audrey….

scarycharm: JFC. this took so many hours. omg. i’m kinda proud how it looks,though *W*/ just some painting practice since i’m getting my tablet soon. so exited!!

alwaysfangirling: drangles: draws lorax fanart on 4/13 instead of homestuck am i doing it right Aww love <33