tumblr_mrxo5mqIT41qkt2x7 randomnessguaranteed: Song of the Day: Since I lived there for 5 years, might as well upload something German.


tumblr_o0kup7Lsjg1seqn7a nhaingen:

tumblr_n81m6xonoG1qde33u frendaseivelun: maxnormaltv: ok so basically: i took a macintosh plus song (リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュー) and i messed with the speed in audacity and made this 0: i thought it sounded rly cool so tell me what u think its vaporwave nightcore. the true genre

tumblr_nxsizzoH5U1so81h4 helloireblogthings: Osomatsu-san full opening

tumblr_nx7s9sHO0X1s9mr5o peach-n-key: oh my god i was looking for like 20 minutes for the correct speed for this song and i couldnt find it anywhere so you’re welcome


tumblr_nxara7VVs11rqbxhn liein: Short little song about Burgerpants, because apparently instead of yelling at him, Mettaton plays him songs about how he’s bad at his job Your job description doesn’t say “waste of space” If your pay wasn’t so low, darling, I’d have you replaced Who taught you how to smile? Where’s your Glamor and Spunk Bet ...

tumblr_nvodvxM0l11rsaua4 cola-star: Everyone talks about Megalovania but why doesn’t anyone talk about THIS SONG SERIOUSLY I LIKE THIS ONE JUST THE SAME IF NOT MORE

tumblr_nvu5m6Q0K71roi82m sgtscyther: