cherry-bubblegum: ok so I found this on 4chan, so I don’t know how reliable it is, but apparently Isayama and Araki (the director of the anime) had a little interview. Someone posted a few translations but this one in particular piqued my interest; Q: Who is the shingeki who left a deep impression? Araki: Armin. ...

arimn: idk what that is jsut fuckin take it?

estellecampanella: i feel like bloody armin is something everybody and their grandma has drawn at this point but i just… i just really wanted to finally do it all of a sudden….

tubigpo32: Source: Isayama’s blog Damn it Isayama! XD. Armin has a new nickname, Gesumin. Gesu=Scumbag, lowlife etc. XD The other face you see now on the second and third pic, according to Isayama’s blog, is how the panel was “originally drawn.” If I’m reading things correctly that is. XD Caption for the third pic from ...

acesama: the “i can see through your shit” armin arlelt

orangewaterbottles: Good men were left for dead

zilleniose: this baby right here is so badass it hurts

trinketier: short haired arm child doodles before bed

cherry-bubblegum: SOURCE

deadghostchildren: armin’s hair i swear