daldong: 기차 안에서

your animal crossing char with 5 + D2 :33c

I only have wild world so my animal crossing villager doesn’t have crazy outfits but I still think she’s really cute~

animauxing: That’s illegal.

wingedcervidae: wingedcervidae: wingedcervidae: btw if youre ever stressed there’s this website that plays the animal crossing music according to your time its really relaxing: http://tane.us/ac/nl.html oh and if you prefer the original ac soundtrack: http://tane.us/ac/ and if you fancy wild world or city folk, here’s theirs: http://tane.us/ac/wwcf.html

megscrossing: new leaf has some right dialogue gems


tumblr_ms146ysVJu1s7ot3w golden-crossing: Here’s the song that plays when you sit by it!  Source: [x]

tumblr_mq5riyrvXV1rpwl57 aradiamegido: Animal Crossing Theme (Music Box Version) This is a music box edit of the Animal Crossing Wild World and I believe City Folk’s main title screen’s theme. In all of the Animal Crossing games, this will always be my favorite tune. download / youtube

newleaftea: aiscrossing: profound your pasta’s not the only thing that’s baked