astronbot: ITS NOT HALLOWEEN BUT I DREW THESE ANYWAY original pics | bg credit

baragon-no-relation: That was a close one…

draw me like one of your french jason funderberkers (hon hon hon wirt baguette)

mmabelpines: take my tablet away

tootha: i regret everything (it was inevitable)


Saurian starborn-vagaboo: starborn-vagaboo: Saurian – THE DINOSAUR GAME YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED You can live and act out your life as one of several planned dinosaur species from the Hell Creek formation and better yet… THEY’RE ALL ACTUALLY ACCURATE AS POSSIBLE.  FLUFFY REXES.  SORT OF FLUFFY THESCELOSAURUS.  NOT A BUNNY HAND IN SIGHT. Even the flora ...

tumblr_niuth4JFoS1r3cdku garbage-wizard: Never Gonna Give You Up at 8kbps


LOOK AT WHAT fuwa-prince DREW.