zandraart: yeah, sans never tells anybody anything…

arendellekingdom: requested by: anonymous

royallie: Your paranoia failed you the cereal milk was expired afterall your stomach takes 90 points in damage It always happens I sSSWEar them honey bunches of oats still tasted delicious though mgawddfffmf

Here is a link for anyone having trouble understanding what is happenning all over the world.

themoonclockwork: Brazil explanation Venezuela explanation Texas Explanation Australia explanation Hungary explanation Russia: explanation

glofii: Teens on swings

spacejammies: some crazy kiddos and an ogleby in animal crossing style for some reason???

preoprix: Full versions of all those little drawings. @u@;;; Girly girls~

so i have a friend who really likes the the lorax movie but shes not part of the fandom but its okay because we often bring up references to the movie and it’s just reALLY GREAT OMG

scarfhime-deactivated20140618: [☣]