sococoa: this is what happens when how bad can i be starts playing and tom hiddleston-sitting-like-a-whore gifs pop up on your dashboard -1 hour doodle idk trying to kick art block in the ass im sorry

hahaa what am I doing

who needs friends when you have followers that don’t speak to you

pinkcakes-blackcoffee: which way does a tree fall? gorgeous. 

elixiroverdose: dittolicous: dittolicous: An Once-ler amv I made set to Coldplay’s, ‘Viva La Vida’, since I thought it really fit him. ^^ Please enjoy and comment! <3 And also check out my other amv, “That Once-ler’s a Monster”! ^^ NOW RE-MADE/UPDATED INTO HD!!!! I hope you all enjoy! And for any Legend of Korra fans, ...

pawprintisle: do you ever stare at two tumblr users and wait for them to start dating

digitizations: “How bad could I possibly be?” – The once’ler from the Lorax.  I was talking to this awesome girl when I was drawing this but we kept on getting D’CD SADFACEDESU.

although I don’t reblog much, if I’m following you keep in mind that I will always be watching you (⊙‿⊙✿)

lowquality-onceler: Well, this is a weird question! Makes me feel like I’m a twelve-year-old girl or something! Ha.  Anyways! I don’t know if you’d call it a crush or anything, but I will admit to certainly admiring some of the other Once-lers round here! I just like how confident and sure of themselves they can ...