urgh I think I need new glasses my old ones make my head hurt

biggeringlikemydick: Everyone has great art styles and I’m just here like

me trying to tell a story: so yeah like, he said, or no, wait, first she was like…. i don’t remember, but it’s not important to the story ’cause… wait, yeah it is, but, i don’t know man, it was just weird you know ’cause.. i don’t know

unlessler: there are so many things i want to do now that im on my break but i only have one week ughghghUGH this is green beans in other news, its raining pretty hard right now. i like it. im gonna sit here and enjoy this lovely rain while i make the once-ler run for ...

oncelerbooty: just imagine how empty your life would be without internet

arcitrus: Oncest old artwork.

the pain of being in love with minor characters

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tokimekiwaku: I honestly would have liked the movie a lot more if Ted had a genuine interest in trees, instead of only getting interested in trees to impress a girl…  but hey, HIGH QUALITY ONCE-LER LASHES MAN I CAN’T COMPLAIN