83c: carefree-ler started following you howsy hello there omg what a cute icon like jake is just so happy and smiling and laughing at every one of your posts

rumour: has it

silverwindghost: obituary—birthday: does anyone else ever type out a message to someone but wait like an hour until you’re ready to send it

partybarackisinthehousetonight: how is it almost august im like 100% sure it was new years yesterday

I’m tired and I want to sleep but I can’t because I still have internet

swoneler is fun to draw okay

pokem0an: What if the person you’re going to marry is following you. LIKE WHAT IF THEY’RE READING THIS RIGHT NOW, AND ARE LIKE NOPE NOT GONNA BE ME. 


unlessler: pav-ler: unlessler: i was actually trying to figure out how to set up an oekaki board for us but i got bored and bailed if anyone wants to give it a try please go ahead because i think having our own oekaki would be super fun i made an oekaki a while ago if ...

random little story time! sorry if his personality is a bit off, I don’t actually know what swonelers personality would be like…