melonami: i wanna be somewhere warm~

animationtidbits: Firewatch – E3 2015 Trailer (Source:

zepelii-archive: ghost town

eggpuffs: night swimming in winter 15.12.12.

madridista-4-life: Steven Universe – The Answer (full episode) Here’s today’s new SU episode in HD! Download link’s in the video’s description. I’ll be posting new SU episodes this week. Enjoy! (Source:

bepeu: i just need a hug(e amount of money)

tally-art: I saw the thing and the thing was good! #starwars

it’s 2016 and i’m not any closer to discovering who i am or why my body is covered in tattoos of random words in latin

dianmz: the loneliness of the long distance runner. 4 color/environment studies, 1 finished art